Colombia at a Glance: Itinerary in Pictures

Day One: Arrival in Bogotá
Day Two: City Tour of Bogotá - Primatial Cathedral of Bogotá
Day Two: City Tour of Bogotá - Gold Museum
Day Two: City Tour of Bogotá - Monserrate
Day Three: Visit to Coffee Region
Day Three: Coffee Farm Tour
Day Four: Explore Valle de Cocora
Day Four: Visit Salento
Day Five: Trip to Manizales
Day Five: Visit an Orchid Farm
Day Six: Trip to Cartagena
Day Six: Tour of Cartagena
Day Seven: Shop at Bazurto Market
Day Seven: Colombian Cooking Class

Colombia at a Glance

Home to forested mountains, palm-fringed beaches and graceful colonial cities, Colombia charms its visitors with immense natural and cultural wealth.  Colombia at a Glance provides a superb overview of this tenacious South American nation, with visits to the capital city, coffee region and Caribbean coast. You’ll tour some of its most important cultural institutions, admire amazing works of architecture, chat with friendly farmers, learn to cook Colombian cuisine and much more – leaving with an in-depth understanding of Colombia and memories that will last a lifetime.
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